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About two years ago, I was asked to write a monthly tech column for BEACON Senior News, a monthly newspaper that features content targeted at the 50+ market. Being asked to write a column for the BEACON is an honor because I was the assistant editor of the paper for two years, shortly after I graduated from Colorado Mesa University.

Seniors are my favorite market segment when it comes to technology education. I like to say that we are all digital pioneers, but some of us were born along the trail.

Technology can be frustrating for those who still remember the wonders of their family’s first television set. While the current generation graduating from college can barely remember the dial-up tones of connecting to 28.8 AOL. I try to take advantage of any opportunity I can that allows me to help explain smartphones, internet concepts, personal computers, or the latest gadget using terminology and analogies that the less tech-savvy can easily understand.

Over the next few days and weeks, I will be updating talkingDigital with columns that I have written for the BEACON over the past two years. As I post, I will be sure to update the columns so that they are relevant to the day I post them here on the blog.

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