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Welcome to talkingDigital.org.

talkingDigital began in 2005 as an experiment in blogging. The site tends to focus on the impact of disruptive innovation on education and communication. Although we also try our hand at podcasting, video production and social media experiments from time-to-time.

The site is owned and operated by Adam Cochran, an instructor of Mass Communication at Colorado Mesa University. Occasionally other authors contribute guest posts and commentaries.

We encourage readers to agree, disagree or just provide insightful comments.

4 thoughts on “About tD

  1. Hi I just wanted to say thanks for the advise on buying refurbished Macs….very good…I would like to jump to a Mac someday…

    I teach tango in Rome, Italy although I am originally from Austin. I can assure you that weight is absolutely no obstacle to being an accomplished tango dancer.

    Hey here is an idea. Come to Rome and take some lessons from me and I’ll have you do something like this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-5X1VPtwec

  2. Thanks’s Oscar. One of the things I love about social media is getting to meet new people and being able to say stuff like, I know a guy who is a Tango teacher in Rome, Italy. I makes my life sound a lot more exciting to others.

    Great video! If I ever find myself in Rome for an extended stay, I will be sure to take some lessons.

  3. Wonderful story Adam…it is good to read and perhaps many other people should also read it; the message is “follow your passions”…well my friend now you have to follow your other instinct and come learn tango from me and enjoy Italy…hyou will love it, love it, love it !

  4. I remember taking Mass Comm classes with you! Great job going as far as you have! I envy your career with GJ Setinel, and am in a way following the same route. I have a BA in Mass Communications with 4 majors including PR but have not been able to get the job experience in this community. I achieved my MBA with a concentration in marketing and now going for my second degree in graphic arts. I have decided to start my own business and I need some help please. I am designing a brochure for Yogo Mojo in Grand Junction and am trying to edit a video they run continually but don’t know the correct format to use. The movie is in a .mov file and I need to add a slide and change some text and save it again as .mov. I am a little rusty with Adobe Encore and Premiere and could use your advice or assistance if you have time to help me. You can call me at ***-***-****, I work at Choice Hotels so leave a message and I will call ya back!

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