4 Apps and Programs Which Boost Fitness and Health

It’s a new year, and with it comes New Year’s Resolutions to be healthy and fit. While that might seem a tad cliche, this year you can achieve your goals with a little help from technology.

But there are so many fitness tools available online these days that it can be hard to separate the good from the bad. Don’t worry, though. Tere are plenty of great choices available if you know where to look. Here are four of the best health-related programs and apps:

1. Fitbit

This little device has big benefits. Wear it on your hip and it helps track all sorts of bio-metrics: how many steps you take each day, the calories you’ve burned, and your weight. It also tracks your sleep — perfect for people with a variety of sleep-related ailments.

One of the main reasons the Fitbit is so popular is because the website lets users connect with each other. You can compare your progress to your friends and family, or even just other Fitbit users. It’s a great way to find motivation and support.

2. Map My Run

Just as the name implies, this program keeps track of your jogging routes around town. There are more than 70 million routes to choose from or you can create your own.

It’s easy to track your progress on your computer or the associated app. You can also compare your progress with other users. You can even organize runs in your community. If being fleet of foot is your preferred method of staying fit, this is the tool for you.

3. Zombies, Run!

Some people need motivation when running, and what’s more motivating than being chased by zombies? Zombies, Run! is an app for both Android and iDevices that incorporates jogging in real life with a game where you’re running around fighting for survival in the zombie apocalypse.

The game part features a story, resource management and the ability to create your own soundtrack. The fitness part includes a log, statistics and the ability to share your progress on social media. If you like zombies, or are just looking for a fun way to spice up your workout routine, Zombies, Run! will get your moving.

4. My Fitness Pal

One of the most popular weight-loss programs around, My Fitness Pal helps you shed pounds the healthy way. It’s a giant nutritional database and calorie counter. You can easily track what you eat, as well as learn how to make healthy, nutritional choices each day. Best of all, it’s free.

The site provides no gimmicks or dieting fads. It simply helps you eliminate the junk from your diet. But it’s not all negative — the site also helps you add healthy food, including nutritional supplements such as whey protein. You’ll develop healthful habits in no time.

A good diet. Plenty of exercise. How to be fit isn’t exactly a secret, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy, either. Fortunately, these apps and programs are here to help you get informed, stay motivated and achieve real results. So this new year, don’t just make a resolution. Make a commitment to use technology to make a real change.

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