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Web Content Production Syllabus and first assignment

Web_Content_Production Syllabus

Click on the link to download the syllabus. Correct the errors and bring them to class to receive a little extra credit.

First Assignment: Visit and find a few good names for our class project.

Here’s a little video to get you fired up!

History of the Internet

Final assignment information

Mother Nature 2
Creative Commons License photo credit: Nurse Kate

Your final assignment will be an oral and written report on the project you have been working on all semester.

Written part: Write a paper that explains what you have learned throughout the semester in this class. Make sure that it addresses the following items:

Explain the history of your project. Make sure to include each phase of your project. If you changed your project along the way discuss why. Also discuss what you plan in the future for your project. If you plan on deleting it, that’s OK too, just discuss why.

Explain what you would have done different.

What did you learn along the way.

Include a list of all social media accounts you have and how they are all linked to your project.

Originally, I asked for 7-10 pages double-spaced. All I really want is a well written summary of everything that you learned in this class. Think back to day one and explain everything that you learned along the way, there should be plenty of material to write a good paper.

Keep in mind that we discussed social media, setting up accounts online, linking various social media accounts, podcasts, video and video editing and what the future holds for web content and Mass Communications/Public Relations.

Put some thought into the assignment and I am sure you will find enough material to compile a well-written paper.

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YouTube and Web Video Links

Here are a few links that will help inspire you in your quest to create an awesome web video for your projects:

34 ways to utilize YouTube for business

Chris Pirillo’s 50 YouTube and web video tips & tricks

8 tips for viral videos

Top 20 Viral Videos (current)

Just one list of top 20 viral videos of all time

Another list of top 20 all time viral videos

Tentative schedule and final assignment details

I have posted a pdf of the handout from our class on 10-19-09.

Click here to download it.

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