Ways Technology Can Help People With Addiction Problems

For a person struggling with an addiction, the road to recovery can be extremely long and toilsome. It’s said for anyone who needs help that in order to change, they have to want change, and they have to work for it.

People tend to have different opinions when it comes to time estimates on how long it takes to get hooked on a substance. There are certain harder and definitely more dangerous drugs that have addictive qualities that act fast, but for most substances, the dependency on that particular substance or thing depends entirely on the individual taking the substance and how often they’re taking the substance.

Nobody can doubt the addictive qualities of drugs, the way they change people, and the way they rule lives. Although addiction is always grievous, there are perks to living in the 21st century that help addicts come out of the fire with a little more ease than what has been available in the past. Here are different technologies that can help people struggling with addiction.

Wearable Technology

Technology is so cool in that way that it can aid people when they most need it. Just as your iPhone or your iWatch can help remind you to go to appointment or connect with friends, other wearable technology can help in a big way, too.

There is a wearable device being developed by Chrono Therapeutics that gives those addicted to nicotine a calculated dose of nicotine based on an algorithm. The program knows when the cravings are at their worst and it will wean the individual off of the substance.

This technology is being developed for more addictive substances like cocaine or heroin, although the market for people wanting to come off of those substances is a little more limited. The technology is still in process and will be more effective than more traditional methods.

Apps that Aid Recovery

If wearable technology isn’t something that is up your alley, there are always apps available that aid in the recovery process. For alcoholics seeking recovery, there is an app called Sober Grid that is free and allows users to find and connect with others in the area who are facing the same challenges. There is also an AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) app,  NA (Narcotics Anonymous), and other apps that have a goal to help those suffering get free,  and they even offer advice as to other things to do to fill the time and void.

People say that the key to getting free is to have a support system. Those who try to do things alone are more likely to fail. Thanks to technology, the opportunity to connect is easier than ever. Even though technology helps in the process, it’s still important to get an individual into a recovery program that is structured to include everything an addict needs to get clean.

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