The Rise of Seattle as a Tech Hub

Living in the Pacific Northwest is a privilege in many ways; from the gorgeous scenery to the sense of community, the region has much to offer its residents. Many individuals who work in the tech industry have also discovered that Seattle is rapidly being recognized as a tech hub – this is just one more reason to live in Washington State. Seattle is now home to some of the most successful companies and brands in the industry, including Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter. If you’re in the tech industry or plan to be after college, you may want to consider the following reasons that Seattle has risen as a premiere destination for tech industry professionals.

Seattle is Unique Unto Itself

While it’s true that an overwhelming number of tech companies have either set up shop or established major branches in Seattle, the city is unique. It isn’t a carbon copy of the Silicon Valley, and its economy would still thrive without the tech industry. That means that it offers plenty of other personal and career benefits to tech workers – and those who work in the industry may have a better chance of experiencing sustainable success. The Silicon Valley tech explosion ultimately resulted in an area that became dependent on the tech industry to survive, and that simply isn’t the case for the Emerald City. So, if you’re looking for a techie city that isn’t over-dependent on the tech industry, this is it!  

Working for the Major Players

If you’re looking for a job in the tech field, you probably couldn’t pick a better place to live. You might apply for a position at some of the most successful tech companies on the planet. You could find yourself working for a major player, such as Amazon, Uber, Hulu, or Adobe. The list of highly successful tech companies with headquarters or offices in Seattle continues to expand, making your potential to secure an amazing job in the area greater with every passing day.  

Startups May Have a Better Chance of Survival

Because Seattle continues to grow as a tech mecca, the chances of creating a startup in the city and seeing it survive may be greater than they would be in the Silicon Valley. If you are working to get a startup company off the ground, you may currently be able to choose from a broader selection of viable job seekers than in any other part of the world. The major companies only have a finite number of positions available, leaving startups with a wealth of viable job candidates worth considering.

Tech Conferences

Another benefit of living in Seattle is that you have numerous opportunities to attend industry events. A wide range of tech conferences have been scheduled to take place in or around Seattle this year. Talent 42 (a tech recruiting conference), the Seattle Biz-Tech Summit, and the Seattle Tech Security Conference are only a few of the tech events people might attend. Other industry events in or near Seattle include Data Days, FullCon Tech, and Mobile Future Forward. The tech conferences, seminars, and summits in the area present countless occasions for networking with industry peers and learning from thought leaders in the field.   

If you’re in the tech industry, Seattle is the place to be. This spectacular city has ascended to the status of major destination for everything tech-related. A move to the Emerald City could result in your getting the job of your dreams – in addition to living in a magnificent setting that offers an array of famous landmarks and exciting local attractions. 

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