Citizen journalist’s guide to field reporting tools

Online journalism is less about getting the complete story and more about getting the developing story quickly and efficiently. Accurate facts matter as much as ever and there is no better way to document the facts accurately than reporting in real time. Here’s a list of great gadgets that can take field reporting to the … Read more

The real debate: Is the iPad a big iPhone, a big iPod Touch or a crippled iMac?

Ya. We know, the photo used here is not of the actual iPad ( photo credit: nDevilTV). Apple has described the iPad as the most innovative piece of technology they have ever produced. This may be true if you take it apart and look at the pieces, but the end result is a device that … Read more

Press release tips for CES 2010

photo credit: [BarZaN] Qtr [Boston] We are attending our seventh CES and our coverage will begin in less than 12 hours as we get on the road. Watch us on Twitter for live updates. We will also be posting photos to our Flickr account and posting updates here on talkingDigital. Attending CES as press is … Read more

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