Castellini on Computers Podcast NOVEMBER 2012

Podcast: Play in new windowIt’s been a while since we posted an episode of Castellini on Computers podcast on Rest assured, there have been plenty of episodes recorded and posted at If you missed any of the previous episodes, make sure to subscribe to HelpMeRick on iTunes or visit In this episode … Read more

Castellini on Computers 018 – A Podcast Double Feature!

Podcast: Play in new windowThis week we have a very special episode of Castellini on Computers the Podcast. We cover double the news and have double the fun. Adam Cochran was hard at work on his master’s and an episode from two weeks ago was never uploaded. So, this week we created a double feature … Read more

Watercooler All-stars – Episode 014 – Blackout in a podcast

Podcast: Play in new windowEpisode 014 is up. In this episode we discuss news from the past few weeks including, but not limited to: The TSA’s advanced screening procedures The california missile sighting Blackout in a can The best reality TV for midgets and more Related articles Watercooler All-stars podcast – Episode 014 – Blackout … Read more

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