repair or replace? Evaluating the value of your computer

Cheap computers are everywhere. I say this knowing that cheap is relative. $600 to one person is different than $600 to another. Some may think that $600 is high considering that the same $600 can buy you other items that will last much longer than 4-6 years and those things typically won’t break down or … Read more

Macintosh makes better replacement for my stolen PC laptops

OK, It’s been two weeks since my laptops were stolen, but I still haven’t completely gotten over it. What makes it slightly worse, is that I had just setup a Mac to take over as my primary desktop computer. The Mac didn’t actually make the problem worse, but in order to set up the Mac, … Read more

Pardon me while I cry with joy for my new recovery disks

I have had to fight back tears of joy as I put the newsletter together. At times I could barely read what was on my screen. The anticipation for changes in my life has probably lead to many misspellings and errors, but you may not notice as those errors probably still fall within our guaranteed … Read more

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