Phrases ‘new media’ and ‘social media’ are outdated

How about emerging media? Emerging says it all. It’s not mainstream media, it’s not new or old. It’s emerging. A Google search suggests that others have already claimed the word emerging and associated it with specific types of media. However, the words new and social were also in existence before they were adopted into their contemporary meanings.

Press release tips for CES 2010

photo credit: [BarZaN] Qtr [Boston] We are attending our seventh CES and our coverage will begin in less than 12 hours as we get on the road. Watch us on Twitter for live updates. We will also be posting photos to our Flickr account and posting updates here on talkingDigital. Attending CES as press is … Read more

Blockbuster blames $360M loss on bad movies

According to this article in the Dallas Observer blog, Unfair Park, Blockbuster is blaming their $359.7 million loss for last quarter on the lack of good movies to rent. You see, previously numbers had been higher because of titles like, Atonement and I am Legend. I must say I agree, I would rather pay Netflix … Read more

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