Introvert is the new black

by Adam Cochran Over the past year I have noticed that introverts are all the rage. Introverts are the new extroverts. Everyone wants to be one. All of the geek blogs are posting about how to be a successful introvert, how to be an introvert and still have friends, or top ten lists of the … Read more

Online Etiquette Tips that Will Help You Get the Job

LinkedIn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No matter what type of business you’re looking to get into, these days it’s important to have a positive online presence. You never know who’s going to view one of your online profiles, and depending on what they see it could lead to incredible opportunities or it could cost you.

Whether or not you’re currently in the middle of a job search, here are some things that everyone should keep in mind when they’re posting things online.

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5 Tips for Getting Your Blog Noticed in 2014

Just about everyone has a blog or two these days, so it’s become a greater challenge to get yours noticed. It can be a lot of work keeping up with a blog, it’s time you got the attention you deserve. With these tips, you can bring new life to your blog and build a buzz … Read more

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