Why couldn’t Google have bought Skype? The big eBay mistake

When Google buys a company, everyone scratches their head and asks, why?

Bloggers immediately go into overdrive as they post speculations about what Google is up to, or they rant about the stupid decision on Google’s part in buying a company that has nothing to do with their services.

Everyone eventually forgets about the whole matter until months or years go by and Google surprises the world with a new service either changes the Internet forever, or nearly ruins a service that is offered by a competitor.

And then there are the Google wannabes. eBay leads the pack.

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Sprint last minute Palm Pre policy change – time to stir the puddin’!!!!

I just got a call from the Sprint store. They are going to do them first come, first serve and there will be no waiting list. Please read my other posts to get a grasp of the entire Sprint Pre release fiasco. I am very upset about this and hope that others spread this story … Read more

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