Tech Guys podcast episode 070313

Podcast: Play in new windowWe remembered to record this month! However, we did strike out on a question right out of the gates from a gentleman looking to hack a remote control. None of us are electronic geeks in terms of remote controls, ham radios, homemade appliances, etc, so we sadly had to let the … Read more

Tech Guys podcast episode 060513

Podcast: Play in new windowWe are catching up with the podcast posts. In this episode from June 5, 2013, Adam was back behind the mic with Matt and Rick again and lively at the mic. We answered some questions from Twitter and the phone and had fun ranting about Microsoft, Apple, Google and cell phone … Read more

Sprint iPhone 5 users experiencing 3G data problems – no solution available yet

If you are a Sprint iPhone 5 user and you are experiencing data connection problems (slow data, no connection to 3G, difficulty connecting to WiFi, etc.) your are not alone. By not alone we mean that EVERY iphone 5 user on Sprint and possibly other networks is having the same problems. Over the past few … Read more

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