Getting The Most Out Of Your Personal Smartphone

If all you are using your smartphone for is talk and text, you are really missing the point of the high tech device. Seriously, it gets you into a whole new world and you’re just using it like any other phone? That’s crazy, and kind of wasteful.

If you have a smartphone it’s pretty likely you are paying for some sort of digital package, or getting one for free, that gives you at least a certain amount of browsing time online and such. No matter what your digital plan is, you should be doing more with your phone if you are investing in the cost of a smartphone.

Apps that Help You Manage Finances

For many people, managing finances has never been easy. It’s impulse. People want to spend their money, be happy doing it, get everything they want when they want, and have enough money left over to do it all over again the next day. Bills shouldn’t exist, and since that’s already been said, nothing should cost … Read more

5 Tips To Keep Your Digital Presence Encrypted

Embed from Getty Images Getty Images Privacy is a major concern these days because so much of who you are is now kept in digital form, and then spread all over the world because of internet access. So even though so much more is convenient and available for you, without the right security measures, all … Read more

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