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Tech Guys podcast episode 071713

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English: Podcast or podcasting icon Français : Icône pour les podcasts ou la baladodiffusion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rick, Matt and Adam together on the mic. Discuss the downturn of the Microsoft monopoly, smartphones, everything Google and we even took a few calls.

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Tech Guys podcast episode 070313

Podcast Capture

Podcast Capture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We remembered to record this month! However, we did strike out on a question right out of the gates from a gentleman looking to hack a remote control. None of us are electronic geeks in terms of remote controls, ham radios, homemade appliances, etc, so we sadly had to let the first caller go unsatisfied. We did, however, answer many more questions that were in the computer/consumer tech realm and talked and commented about the latest tech news and upcoming products. Click and Listen!


07 2013

Tech Guys podcast episode 060513


We are catching up with the podcast posts.

In this episode from June 5, 2013, Adam was back behind the mic with Matt and Rick again and lively at the mic. We answered some questions from Twitter and the phone and had fun ranting about Microsoft, Apple, Google and cell phone companies. Fun and crazy show!


06 2013

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