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Sprint iPhone 5 users experiencing 3G data problems – no solution available yet

If you are a Sprint iPhone 5 user and you are experiencing data connection problems (slow data, no connection to 3G, difficulty connecting to WiFi, etc.) your are not alone. By not alone we mean that EVERY iphone 5 user…
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Castellini on Computers Podcast NOVEMBER 2012

It’s been a while since we posted an episode of Castellini on Computers podcast on talkingDigital.org. Rest assured, there have been plenty of episodes recorded and posted at HelpMeRick.com. If you missed any of the previous episodes, make sure to…
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Castellini on Computers 015 – Charlie Sheen and iPad 2 Announcement

In this episode we discuss… Charlie Sheen (just for the Google hits) What’s easier than HelpMeRick.com How long can we go without talking about the iPad 2 Who will still be using Twitter in 2 years Charlie Sheen deserves another…
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