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Castellini on Computers Technology Help Podcast Jan 2013 Episode 1


CastellinijpgIt’s a whole new year and we kick it off right with our first episode of 2013. In this episode we…

  • Discuss the gadgets we received for Christmas
  • Try to help a drunk caller
  • Talk about what Ubuntu can do for you
  • Present a few predictions for the new year

Whether you are Mac or PC person. Whether you use an iPad or a Kindle, you will want to listen to this episode.


01 2013

Castellini on Computers Podcast NOVEMBER 2012


It’s been a while since we posted an episode of Castellini on Computers podcast on Rest assured, there have been plenty of episodes recorded and posted at If you missed any of the previous episodes, make sure to subscribe to HelpMeRick on iTunes or visit

In this episode we discuss…

iPads vs. Android tablets
Oprah‘s Surface faux pax
Holiday laptop shopping
Cool iPad apps and much more!


11 2012

Castellini on Computers 022 – Google+ and Final Cut stuff


In episode 22 we discuss…

Google+ vs. Facebook

The Davis Cup

The HP TouchPad

The decrease in porn popularity online

The death of Google Health

ZocDoc is a cool service

Castellini on Computers as featured on…

How to manage your comics online

The John Stewart Sunday morning interview with Chris Wallace

Our iOS update predictions

Much, much more!!




07 2011

Castellini on Computers 021 – How about some Apple with your Weiner


In this episode we discuss everything.

To be a little more specific, we discuss Apple‘s proposal for their new HQ, Weiner’s Twitter problem, Nintendo‘s new controller, why PC users never remove their laptop stickers and much more.

Intro Music – CJacks – Rollin’ in the Hoopty

Castellini on Computers 020 – Rick’s Stage 2 Rant


If you have ever had to hire a service business to get you out of trouble, this podcast is for you. If you own a service business, this podcast for you. If you own a business but do not consider it to be a service business, think again. Rick recently left town for a week. Although this episode is done rant-style, the advice we share will help anyone looking to improve their business reputation and performance.

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