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Castellini on Computers 014 – Narcisistic teenagers with digital cameras


In this episode we discuss…">iOS comments
  • Colbert vs. Huffington post
  • Listener email and web spam
  • Picasa 3 is good – use it
  • Narcissistic teenagers with digital cameras
  • Secrets of device manager
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  • Disco High by UltraCast

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    03 2011

    Technology Help Podcast – June 2010


    Every month we do a technology help show with Rick Castellini of

    In this episode we discuss the new HTC Evo 4G, the iPhone 4, the new Mac Mini, Google Android and the usual technology and computer news and information.

    Palm acquired – HP should buy Sprint

    What is it going to take to compete with the iPad and killer mobile devices like the 4G EVO?

    What will it take to propel mobile computing to the next level?

    It will take more than a sleek operating system, multi-touch and a nice app store to convince non-ipad users to get the most out of the mobile web.

    There is a good possibility that there is no significant increase in the number of people willing to pay $30 per month for mobile web built-in  iPad or netbook from those willing to pay $60 per month using a MiFi.

    However, if HP or Google were to buy Sprint – they could possible take the ubiquitous mobile WiFi game to the next level. Imagine buying a device with a slick OS, capable of running flash and thousands of mobile apps with unlimited (or 5GB capped) 3G or 4G access built into the price of the device.

    Would most consumers be willing to pay $500 for a netbook or tablet that includes 2 years of free 3G or 4G access in the price? Would such a device knock Apple and iPad off their game?

    Perhaps the next logical hypothetical is to ask, what if Apple bought Sprint or T-mobile? If the purchase of a cell phone were a flat, subscription-less fee would more people buy in at a higher price?

    Nobody expects these two industries to converge, but it is interesting to think about what would happen to the market if they did. We think it’s only a matter of time.

    Sprint officially announces Android HTC EVO 4G WiMax phone

    We received an email from Sprint today announcing the new 4G EVO Android-powered phone.
    We aren’t sure yet whether this is the same as the Supersonic. After a little more research we will post an update.


    03 2010

    March edition of our technology podcast from


    Every month Rick Castellini and Adam Cochran do a technology information show that airs live on KAFM 88.1 in Grand Junction, Co.

    In this month’s episode we discuss cell phone operating systems, antivirus software, digital camera news, technology news and more.


    03 2010

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