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Castellini on Computers 021 – How about some Apple with your Weiner


In this episode we discuss everything.

To be a little more specific, we discuss Apple‘s proposal for their new HQ, Weiner’s Twitter problem, Nintendo‘s new controller, why PC users never remove their laptop stickers and much more.

Intro Music – CJacks – Rollin’ in the Hoopty

Castellini on Computers 019 – The iPad interrogation


This episode of the podcast is a little different. Although we touch on computer news and a few tech tips at the beginning, the majority of the show is about real-world iPad use.

Business Insider recently conducted a survey of iPad users about how they use their device. We thought it would “make good radio” to go over the survey questions and discuss the power and possibility of the iPad.

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Castellini on Computers 018 – A Podcast Double Feature!


This week we have a very special episode of Castellini on Computers the Podcast.

We cover double the news and have double the fun.

Adam Cochran was hard at work on his master’s and an episode from two weeks ago was never uploaded. So, this week we created a double feature and combined both episodes.

This episode is very long, but it is well worth it, especially if you haven’t been keeping up with technology news.

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Castellini on Computers 015 – Charlie Sheen and iPad 2 Announcement


In this episode we discuss…

Charlie Sheen (just for the Google hits)

What’s easier than

How long can we go without talking about the iPad 2

Who will still be using Twitter in 2 years

Charlie Sheen deserves another mention

Twitter vs. Facebook – or does it matter?

How often should you clean out your Facebook friends?

WordPress 3.1 vs. Drupal

Answers to listener email


How much trouble should you go to just to save a few clicks

iPad 30 minutes into the show – everything you want to know about what we think of the iPad

Spyware and much more

Intro Music for this episode:

“Charlie” by Jesus du Dos from the Album Jesus du Dos

Castellini on Computers 012 – We hung-up on Steve Jobs


In this episode of Castellini on Computers we discuss…

Verizon iPhone
Smartphone’s aren’t as popular as you might think
Does it matter if Taco Bell isn’t serving meat?
Reasons why Zagg screen protectors are awesome
Why we hate glossy glass screens
Our comments on the State of the Union address
Comcast is giving computers to the poor
Libraries suck

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