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Your flashlight app is probably NOT spying on you

There is a video going around Facebook and the other social nets that features a Fox News’ Brett Baier interviewing a “security expert” who claims that the flashlight app on your phone is malware. Oddly, people who typically criticize Fox News have no problem sharing this biased piece of “journalism” when it is far more skewed…

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5 Reasons colleges and universities will be drastically different in 10 years

by Adam Cochran I worked in radio during the transition from CDs, carts, and LPs to computer automated programming and music traffic. My job was to sleep on the floor of the studio and listen for the alarm to indicate dead air. At which point, I was to wake-up and type a couple of commands…

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Introvert is the new black

by Adam Cochran Over the past year I have noticed that introverts are all the rage. Introverts are the new extroverts. Everyone wants to be one. All of the geek blogs are posting about how to be a successful introvert, how to be an introvert and still have friends, or top ten lists of the…

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