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Castellini on Computers 016 – iPad2 and ChromeOS reviews


In this episode we discuss…

Google ChromeOS laptop full review and discussion

Why Apple sold iPad 2 online before retail stores on the same day

How does Skype make money?

Our tribute to the Space Shuttle Discovery

We didn’t read email because nobody paid us to answer their question.

Qimo – Linux for kids

Lenovo‘s lousy laptop for kids

The TED video of the week – it will change your life

Disruption vs. Chaos

Intro Music:

Grand Junction” by Computer Magic from the Album “Spectronic EP

Castellini on Computers 015 – Charlie Sheen and iPad 2 Announcement


In this episode we discuss…

Charlie Sheen (just for the Google hits)

What’s easier than

How long can we go without talking about the iPad 2

Who will still be using Twitter in 2 years

Charlie Sheen deserves another mention

Twitter vs. Facebook – or does it matter?

How often should you clean out your Facebook friends?

WordPress 3.1 vs. Drupal

Answers to listener email


How much trouble should you go to just to save a few clicks

iPad 30 minutes into the show – everything you want to know about what we think of the iPad

Spyware and much more

Intro Music for this episode:

“Charlie” by Jesus du Dos from the Album Jesus du Dos

Castellini on Computers 014 – Narcisistic teenagers with digital cameras


In this episode we discuss…

  • The mind of IBM‘s Watson
  • Facebook friend acceptance guidelines
  • Norton’s arbitrary cybercrime index
  • Samsung Galaxy 10.1 – it looks like an iPad until you use it
  • Android vs. iOS comments
  • Colbert vs. Huffington post
  • Listener email and web spam
  • Picasa 3 is good – use it
  • Narcissistic teenagers with digital cameras
  • Secrets of device manager
  • Music for this podcast:
  • Disco High by UltraCast
  • & talkingDigital


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