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Castellini on Computers 013- Thanks a million


In this episode we discuss…

UFOs over Jerusalem
How to troubleshoot a soundcard problem
Julian Assange and WikiLeaks
The Daily – Murdoch’s new iPad newspaper
Computer guy furstrations
Much more

Music for this episode:

Pixie Hat by Happy Elf from the Album Loose Your Head.
Find out more about Happy Elf

Castellini on Computers 012 – We hung-up on Steve Jobs


In this episode of Castellini on Computers we discuss…

Verizon iPhone
Smartphone’s aren’t as popular as you might think
Does it matter if Taco Bell isn’t serving meat?
Reasons why Zagg screen protectors are awesome
Why we hate glossy glass screens
Our comments on the State of the Union address
Comcast is giving computers to the poor
Libraries suck

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