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Castellini on Computers – Episode 007 – RockMelt Amadeus


In this episode we discuss:

Castellini on Computers – Episode 006 – The third world of America

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Episode 006 is up. We have gotten a little behind in posting episodes to the talkingDigital main podcast feed. If you would like each episode in a more timely fashion, make sure to subscribe to the Castellini on Computers podcast on iTunes.

Episodes 007 and 008 are already posted at


11 2010

Watercooler All-stars – Episode 014 – Blackout in a podcast


Episode 014 is up. In this episode we discuss news from the past few weeks including, but not limited to:

  • The TSA’s advanced screening procedures
  • The california missile sighting
  • Blackout in a can
  • The best reality TV for midgets and more

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