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What is a podcast? Push play and find out


Whenever we here at talkingDigital tell people that we work for a podcast network, people always ask the same question – What is a podcast?
We have finally decided to record an audio

file explaining what as podcast is. We then took this audio file and uploaded it to our website where it will be enclosed into the RSS stream.
Now people can easily find and listen to our short audio explanation of podcasting.
Click the play button above and learn all about what a podcast is, why you should know about podcasts and what podcasts can do for you.


10 2010

Castellini on Computers – Community Affairs Edition – New MacBook Announcements


Each month we record one podcast episode during a live community affairs program we do on KAFM 88.1 in Grand Junction, CO.

This month we recorded as Steve Jobs and the Apple gang were announcing updates to iLife, Mac OS X and the MacBook Air line.

In this episode we also discuss Linux, viruses, and answer questions and comments from callers across the country.

Castellini on Computers – Episode 003 – The After School Special


This is the first of two episodes of Castellini on Computers we will be posting in the next few days. All talkingDigital podcasts are first posted on the respective show’s blog a few days before we post them here in the master feed. This episode was from 10-07-10, but you can hear the episode we recorded today (10-20-10) over at Or you can wait a few days and we will post that episode here.

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