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Where is Pierre Omidyar’s eBay?

Piled on some of the flat surfaces of my desk, I have a Marie Osmond fashion doll, a Ronald Reagan mask, a visible man model, a box of vintage bow ties, some Ken Struck toys from the 50s, a Canon Rebel xti, an Asus Eee PC, and a cool Homer Simpson Rubic’s cube.

At my house, this is known as my eBay fodder pile.

I save up unique items for several months and then put them up on eBay when I want to buy an item that doesn’t fit on my wife’s list of budget approved suppiles.
This pile has been gathering dust for a long time now. Not because I don’t have anything on that unapproved list, but because I don’t have any outlet to sell these items. Read the rest of this entry →

Google creative mind moves to Twitter (I like how the chose to capitalize the C but not the p) is reporting in a story by Joseph Tartakoff that Google’s Lead Designer, or Design Lead, rather is headed to Twitter.

Read the full story here:

Industry Moves: Twitter Hires Google’s Head Designer As Creative Director | .

Tinker and Twitter together may sound stupid, but it’s oh, so smart

Tinker will be much more than a Twitter search engine  



Tinker will be much more than a Twitter search engine


This afternoon I was teaching a college class about the future of news gathering in a Web 2.0 world. I mentioned that most news services use Twitter as a place for gathering sources and new stories.

Tomorrow Tinker

goes live. Essentially the new service will allow users to enter in search terms and more to find news and other events as they are being covered on Twitter.

The uses for Tinker and similar services are endless. Imagine following a concert tour, a natural disaster, or the entire cast of your favorite TV show all in real time.

Click below for more information on Tinker as covered by TechCrunch

Tinker Gives Twitter Its Long Awaited Events Firehose .

Mythbusters shatter windows a mile away – Buster still missing

A cool report from KCRA channel 3 – somewhere in California. It appears that the Mythbusters created an explosion about a mile outside of Esparto, CA which shattered windows in the town.

Residents were not notified that the explosion was going to take place because authorities did not want a crowd showing an putting themselves in danger.

Mythbusters Big Bang Shatters Windows – Local News Story – KCRA Sacramento.


03 2009

del Toro is Moe, Penn could do Larry, but please don’t let Carrey be Curley! is reporting that the Farrely brothers (There’s Something about Mary, Dumb & Dumber) are directing “The Three Stooges,” scheduled for release in 2010.

Casting is rumored to be  as thus:

Moe: Benicio del Toro

Larry: Sean Penn

Curley (the fat bald one): Jim Carrey – at least he is in talks to play Curley

Surprisingly, I think that Penn and del Toro can pull it off. Carrey on the other hand is no Curley.

If it were me, I would cast Don Rickles, if he is up for it. Maybe an unknown could be found.

I like Jim Carrey, I just think there is too much Jim Carrey in him to portray Curley.

Three Stooges coming together at MGM.

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