Watercooler All-stars Episode 003 – taps, boobquakes and alien encounters

Podcast: Play in new windowHere’s our latest episode of Watercooler All-stars, hosted by Adam Cochran and Erik Groves. Watercooler All-stars is a podcast offering commentary on news we found on the cutting room floor of several respectable news outlets. This is not a fake news show. We cover actual news items from obscure news sources.

Podcast experiment – episode 000 – Watercooler Report

Podcast: Play in new window We have been working on the concept for this podcast for months. We hope you like our first beta episode. Please leave your comments. We hope to cover news, information and insights that are missed by other news and entertainment podcasts. The show is recorded with minimal pre-show discussion to … Read more

Handy illustration to help Hank Johnson understand islands

By now you have probably seen the YouTube video of Hank Johnson explaining his concern that Guam may sink or tip over because of the weight of all the people. If you haven’t seen it, here’s the video. We have created this handy illustrated comparison to help Hank Johnson understand why he is wrong and … Read more

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