Education system innovation requires more than rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic

Before reading this post, please do 10 minutes or more on High Tech High. I recently went to a screening of Most Likely to Succeed. The documentary isn’t available for purchase yet, but it is being screened in communities across the country. Complete reviews of the film are available all over the interwebs, so I will … Read more

Watercooler All-stars – Episode 014 – Blackout in a podcast

Podcast: Play in new windowEpisode 014 is up. In this episode we discuss news from the past few weeks including, but not limited to: The TSA’s advanced screening procedures The california missile sighting Blackout in a can The best reality TV for midgets and more Related articles Watercooler All-stars podcast – Episode 014 – Blackout … Read more

Watercooler All-stars Episode 011 – A series of tubes memorial

Podcast: Play in new window Image via Wikipedia In this episode we honor Senator Ted Stevens with a whole lot of crappy news stories that will make you appear to be the most informed individual at the office or watercooler (or unemployment line). Visit the Watercooler All-stars Podcast website for show notes and links.

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