Ban weathermen, save traditional media

Photo: Flickr - Mr.TinDC
Photo: Flickr – Mr.TinDC

In the aftermath of disruptive innovation, there are generally two groups trying to navigate the ravaged terrain. There are those who approach the rebuilding as a chance to improve and those who insist on rebuilding everything as it once was.

Somewhere there is still a photojournalist insisting that film will make a mainstream comeback. Every city with more than 100,000 people has a record store that preaches the prolific return of vinyl. Sure, there will always be artists and nostalgic hipsters, but as a preferred format, neither of these media will ever reclaim the title from the disruptive innovation they were replaced by.

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Pay-TV Companies Agree on Standards for Energy-Saving Set-Tops

Consumers who are looking for the best deal on their cable TV service and want to feel they are making a greener choice in the process will be pleased to learn that a voluntary agreement has been put in place to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 5 million metric tons per year. The … Read more

Sprint iPhone 5 users experiencing 3G data problems – no solution available yet

If you are a Sprint iPhone 5 user and you are experiencing data connection problems (slow data, no connection to 3G, difficulty connecting to WiFi, etc.) your are not alone. By not alone we mean that EVERY iphone 5 user on Sprint and possibly other networks is having the same problems. Over the past few … Read more

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