Using Digital Technology To Promote the Arts

Some people hear the word digital and they automatically translate it to mean hard data, or cold, clinical dots and binary format. But, through this or that power of transformation, you can always use digital technology to promote the arts, and indeed, some of the most beautiful arts have been coming from digital formats lately, … Read more

Getting The Most Out Of Your Personal Smartphone

If all you are using your smartphone for is talk and text, you are really missing the point of the high tech device. Seriously, it gets you into a whole new world and you’re just using it like any other phone? That’s crazy, and kind of wasteful.

If you have a smartphone it’s pretty likely you are paying for some sort of digital package, or getting one for free, that gives you at least a certain amount of browsing time online and such. No matter what your digital plan is, you should be doing more with your phone if you are investing in the cost of a smartphone.

Ways Technology Can Help People With Addiction Problems

For a person struggling with an addiction, the road to recovery can be extremely long and toilsome. It’s said for anyone who needs help that in order to change, they have to want change, and they have to work for it. People tend to have different opinions when it comes to time estimates on how … Read more

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