Discover Life & Steph

Life & Steph is a YouTube channel that uses a humorous approach to discussing topics related to awkwardness, social anxieties, and etiquette. If you find yourself overthinking virtually every human interaction you have, roleplaying conversations in advance with your cats, or just staying home to avoid a potential small talk situation, you need Steph in your … Read more

Pokemon Go: Fact, fiction, myths, and observations

Instead of reading news articles about Pokemon Go, I decided to download it myself. Here’s what I have to say about it.   1. First of all, it’s only a game if you decide to play it. I think that a large percentage of people don’t do much with the game aspect. It is more … Read more

3 Tips for Better Personal Digital Security

Cybercriminals have been making waves through internet scams in recent years. The risk of having your identity stolen due to online information loss has increased exponentially and a remarkable one in four people will experience identity theft. Your information could be stolen and then sold online for large amounts of money, allowing cybercriminals to open … Read more

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