Different Ways Companies Are Using Mobile Devices to Sell Products

It’s no doubt that companies exist to sell a product. If you think about it, everybody’s selling a product, even if they’re not aware that they are doing it. Starbucks has a presence through billboard, commercial, film, internet, mobile app and obviously their stores, among many other things. The reason they exist is to sell … Read more

Why Your Business Needs Factoring

When starting a business, most of us look to banks for financial means of operation.  Bank lending, however, has many hang-ups, can be tricky to navigate, and may be difficult to qualify for.  This makes our means for developing or gaining momentum in our business difficult—it may seem impossible to start or get ahead! Did … Read more

Storytelling is the future of messaging and video is the platform

The art of storytelling telling is likely world’s oldest form of communication. Before civilizations were populated with citizens who could read and write, all information was passed from one generation to another through storytelling. The Odyssey wasn’t written down for over 700 years after the civilization who believed the tales had faded away. So, the hot … Read more

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