YouTube Tutorial Prototype on Garageband 10.1

One of the courses I teach at Colorado Mesa University is Media Software Application. It is literally a crash course in which students learn the very basics of the interface and techniques of Mac, Garageband, iMovie, Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. Of course, these are not the only applications used by students in the Mass Communication, … Read more

Storytelling is the future of messaging and video is the platform

The art of storytelling telling is likely world’s oldest form of communication. Before civilizations were populated with citizens who could read and write, all information was passed from one generation to another through storytelling. The Odyssey wasn’t written down for over 700 years after the civilization who believed the tales had faded away. So,¬†the hot … Read more

Stop whining about big box stores: Custom service is the new commodity for entrepreneurs

Dogwalking service
Dogwalking service (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every generation since the Baby Boomers has had a nickname. I am 40, that makes me a gen-Xer. I was raised by Baby Boomers who were the mainstream adopters of the VHS, microwave and Atari 2600.

Grand Junction, Colorado, where I was raised, is a suburb without a nearby metropolis. The town is large enough to be self-sustaining without a metro economy, but small enough to have a quaint downtown with parades on the appropriate holidays.

In a vin diagram with one circle representing my socioeconomic status and the other representing my generation, the point where the two circles merged would be called

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