5 Tips for Getting Your Blog Noticed in 2014

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Just about everyone has a blog or two these days, so it’s become a greater challenge to get yours noticed. It can be a lot of work keeping up with a blog, it’s time you got the attention you deserve.

With these tips, you can bring new life to your blog and build a buzz around your content. Here’s five tips for how to get your blog noticed.

1. Experiment with new formats

If you fear your blog may have plateaued and you’re not getting as much growth or even traffic as you used to, try something new. Give your blog a new look or try a different platform.

If you’ve mostly just been writing posts, try doing a weekly YouTube video or starting a podcast. Putting your voice out there in different ways will help you reach a larger audience than you would with just one format published to one site.

2. Collaborate

Collaborating with other blogs or setting up partnerships is a great way to expand your audience. Both blogs can benefit by sharing readers and you’ll likely get some great new content out of it.

3. Make your social media efforts count

The rules and behavior for social media are constantly changing, which means you need to be able to change with it. You don’t want to pour all your time and energy into a blog and then share it to social media platforms where your potential readers aren’t even active.

Staying on top of trends and knowing your audience will ensure that your shared content gets seen. The people over at Klout are experts in gauging social media success, and they can give you more tips on how to get the most out of social media.

4. Make your blog easy to follow

Don’t make your readers work to keep up with you. Keep it easy for readers to stay on track with your content by adding a mailing list and links to your social media profiles on the sidebar of your site or at the bottom of each post.

5. Blog about what you love

Above all else, you should be blogging about what you love. Find a new hobby and use your blog to help you explore it. When it’s clear that you’re passionate about the subject, it’s a lot easier for readers to relate to your content and want to interact and share what you’re posting.

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